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Classic Leaf Teas


31. London Prince (Bio)
Blend of organic black teas


33. Apple Witch Tea
Blend of apple flavored black teas


34. Assam
The black tea par excellence


35. Orange Pekoe
Black tea of Chinese origin, among the finest in the world


36. Indian Spirit Tea
Spiced black tea of Indian origin


42. Emperor Fruit Tea
Almond black tea




Green Tea Leaves



37. Oolong
The most sophisticated of oriental green teas

38. Energy Drops
Green tea with ginseng and lemon peel

40. White Flower
White tea among the finest in the world

41. Green Tangerine
Citrus blend of green teas from Argentina

49. Earl Gray (Bio)
Organic green tea with bergamot and pineapple

50. Flower Garden
Green tea with vanilla and jasmine




Leaf Teas


39. Ray of Light

Lemon, ginger and mallow flavored herbal tea


45. Night Flowers
Chamomile flower tea

46. Green Emerald
Fragrant mint tea

51. Regularity
Herbal tea with dog rose, carcadè, chamomile and orange blossom flavours

52. Detox
Fresh herbal tea based on fennel, licorice, anise and mint

53. Draining (Bio)
Herbal tea based on apple, citrus peel and carcadè

Leaf Infusions

32. Forest Treasures
Red fruit infusion rich in magnesium and potassium

43. Rooibos (Decaffeinated)
Infusion of African origin sweet and rich in vitamin C

44. Hibiscus Carcade
Carcadè infusion with hibiscus flowers

47. Yerba Mate (Decaffeinated)
Infusion of Argentine yerba mate

48. Sweet Sensation
Infusion of mango, papaya, hibiscus, dog rose and elderberry

54. Ginger and Lemon (Bio)
Organic infusion based on ginger, lemon, carrot, myrtle and with notes of green tea

Classic filter's Teas

1. English Breakfast Tea (Organic)
Strong blend of Indian black teas

2. Rooibos Vanilla (Organic)
South African red infusion with notes of vanilla beans

3. Rooibos Classic (Bio) (Caffeinated)
African red tea infusion

4. Lemon Tea (Organic)
Blend of lemon flavored black teas

5. White Tea
The most refined and prestigious tea in the world

6. Red Fruit Tea
Blend of fruity Indian black teas

Green filter's Teas

7. Classic Green Tea (Organic)
Green tea grown in the highest areas of the Nilgiri plateau

8. Mint Green Tea (Organic)
Indian green tea flavored with natural mint essences

9. Jasmine and Vanilla Green Tea
Blend of the best high mountain teas with jasmine flowers and vanilla pods

10. Masala Green Tea
Indian green tea with a blend of spices and herbs

11. Citrus Green Tea
Blend of Indian green tea with Mediterranean citrus notes

12. Earl Gray Green Tea
Blend of the best high mountain green teas, flavored with bergamot

Filter's Infusions

13. Ginger and Lemon (Bio)
Lemon and ginger flavored infusion

14. Mediterranean Infusion (Bio)
Carcadè and dog rose based infusion

15. Wild Roses
Dog rose infusion with lemon notes

16. Wildberries
Infused with berries

17. Red Fruit Infusion
Infusion of red fruits

Tropical fruit infusion

Herbal Filter's Teas

19. Digestive (Bio)
Herbal tea based on fennel, carcadè and ginger

20. Regularity (Bio)
Herbal tea based on fennel, licorice and lemon balm

21. Lightness (Bio)
Fresh and light blend with an intense flavour

22. Relaxing
Herbal tea based on chamomile and lemon balm

23. Drains
Herbal tea based on nettle and horsetail, with aromatic notes of fennel and blackcurrant

24. Detox
Herbal tea based on nettle and medicinal berries

Tea yelow
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